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May 11th, 2017

Influencer Marketing Guru

By Marco Pimentel

Influencer Marketing Guru

Harness the Full Power of Influencer Marketing with a Powerful Influencer Marketing Platform

The past few years have been ones of rapid change for anyone working in the marketing industry. Digital marketing has risen in importance, disrupting traditional marketing methods. Mobile marketing and other online methods of reaching consumers are now essential for most businesses.



In response to industry evolution, businesses are allocating a large portion of their marketing budget to online channels, particularly influencer marketing. Once viewed as a supplement to more traditional marketing measures, influencer marketing has become a core component of brand marketing. Google Trends indicates that interest in influencer marketing has steadily grown over the past twelve months. Web users’ interest in influencer marketing now consistently exceeds content marketing on Google’s interest graphs.



Remarking on this marketing shift, Holly Pavlika writes in Adweek that “2017 will be the year that data will show the strength of influencer marketing beyond the beauty of it being impervious to ad blocking or mere social engagements.” Marketing Insider Group’s Michael Brenner calls influencer marketing 2017’s “most trendy trend.

For marketers who’ve only given influencer marketing a passing glance in the past, it’s time to pay attention. Influencer marketing has become big business.

New marketing opportunities bring new challenges.

The development of new social media platforms, new technologies, and increased consumer access to the internet worldwide has opened up many new opportunities for both B2C and B2B marketers. But, along with these opportunities for growth have come new challenges. Increased investments in digital marketing means increased scrutiny of results. Marketers need effective tools to manage influencer marketing campaigns and to measure their success.


Additionally, while marketers now have more ways to reach consumers, consumers also have more ways to avoid unwanted ads and solicitations. Rumors have recently spread that Google is considering including an ad blocking feature in future releases of its Chrome web browser. In its 2017 Adblock Report, PageFair warns that global adblock usage is surging, particularly on mobile devices. Further, consumer trust in brands is at an all-time low. Relationship building is a key step for gaining market share. Savvy customers want to be shown the value of your brand, not told that they should buy your product.

To reach today’s consumers, marketers have to do more than place paid ads.

Marketers must focus on creating authentic content that consumers want to see. Influencer marketing fulfills this goal and more.

The challenge of managing complex campaigns and measuring results.

Mark Simon, writing for CMO, reminds readers that for businesses to maintain growth, it is “critical to have an accurate, up-to-the-minute view of how customers are making decisions.” Businesses cannot compete without agile, data-driven marketing campaigns. But keeping track of influencer campaigns can be complicated. Influencer campaigns have grown more complex as the industry has matured. Instead of just a few influencers working towards a single goal, companies may partner with different influencers to target different customers at different points in the customer journey.



Marketers not only need to track the performance of each influencer, but also maintain data on each individual campaign, content item, project, and target. The ability to track this information is vital to marketing success.

Gathering accurate marketing intelligence in real time requires the right technology. For influencer marketing, the right technology is a complete influencer management platform (IMP).

Assembly was created to meet today’s marketing demands.

While many influencer marketplaces and agencies help you locate influencers, and some even help you track influencer activities, very few offer a complete influencer management solution. An IMP allows you to manage the complexities of a modern influencer driven marketing program from a single dashboard.


We developed Assembly because we believe the future of marketing will be built on personal connections, engaging content, and real people.


That’s why we created Assembly. The Assembly influencer management platform allows modern marketing teams to bring together creativity and data to craft unique and effective influencer marketing campaigns. Using Assembly’s cloud-based platform and proprietary pixel tracking system, businesses can track one campaign or dozens; one influencer or hundreds.

Assembly’s dashboard gives your marketing team the power to:

  • Record, organize, rate, and filter contacts and influencers via a sophisticated CRM
  • Import existing influencer data and invite new influencers
  • Communicate with influencers through each step of the process
  • Add, review, post, and track content
  • Monitor and approve influencer workflows
  • Create payment schedules, and invoices
  • Pay influencers and monitor individual campaign or influencer ROI
  • Plan, track, and analyze multiple campaigns
  • View multiple influencers, campaigns, and schedules

A true IMP like Assembly is more than just a contact management system for influencers. It is a data-powered tool that will empower and transform your influencer marketing campaigns. Assembly puts the power of real people and real data at your fingertips. Your white label dashboard streamlines the process of influencer management from first contact to final performance reports.

The day of management by spreadsheet is over. It’s time for Assembly.

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