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on Assembly

Agencies and influencer networks need a solution to manage and scale their campaigns, without the confusing spreadsheets and wasted marketing spend. Assembly streamlines the entire campaign lifecycle, bringing transparency to the process, with advanced analytics, and the tools you need to scale ROI.

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Do you know which influencers and campaigns
are the most valuable?

Manage your entire influencer network program with one tool, tracking and analyzing results, providing creative feedback and guiding your influencer marketing spend across clients.

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  • Create
  • Review & Approve
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Mark Your Favorite Influencers

Keep track of your best influencers so you can reach out to them easily throughout the campaign.

Track Every Campaign Channel

Follow the stats for every influencer, across each channel.

Drill Down on Any View

See the big picture in your dashboard, or drill down on specific campaigns for more granular reporting.

Import and Manage Influencers

Create various campaign types

Set the campaign payment type - CPC, Flat Fee, CPS/CPA or even Free Product. Assembly provides payment options that are flexible.

Create Campaigns

Never Miss A Deadline.

Keep track of every campaign, influencer, and each piece of content, without the hassle. Follow up and track approvals in-app.

Review & Approve Content

Scale ROI, Confidently.

Track ROI overall, or at the most granular level you like. Start scaling your campaigns with all of the stats you need, right at your fingertips.

Track & Analyze Performance

Pay Your Influencers.

Add transparency and professionalism to your campaigns and pay your influencers in-app!

Manage Payments