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We are a passionate team of software developers, marketers, and designers focused on driving results for our clients in the fast-growing, and ever-evolving, world of influencer marketing. The Assembly team is based in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Our goal – above all else – is to build software that helps brands and agencies create game-changing influencer campaigns and above all, drive long-lasting results with their target audiences. Whether our client’s goal is brand awareness, clicks, downloads, or another conversion point, Assembly makes it easy to track, analyze, and optimize everything along the way.

Our Roots

At Redbrick, the product development company behind Assembly, we’ve been successfully growing and scaling user-acquisition focused campaigns for our clients for many years. In 2016, we were named the second fastest-growing software company in Canada, doing just that!

When we started running influencer campaigns for our own products and brands, we noticed some huge gaps in the market. The main issues we identified right out of the gates? Analytics, and transparency around influencer campaigns. The definition of success seemed to be foggy – for all parties involved. It seemed like a very expensive game of lottery for far too many marketers, and that just didn’t sit well with us.

With a long history building software analytics for performance marketing, we know what it takes to track every click, every conversion, and every dollar spent. We are serious about tracking ROI for complex campaigns, and optimizing in real-time. So, we’ve applied the exact same principles to this.

At Assembly, we want to make transparency, and campaign management easy, and scalable. We are sticklers for accountability, and we want all marketers to be empowered to track ROI, without guesswork, or confusing spreadsheets.

We look forward to helping you streamline your influencer campaigns!

Meet Neil, CEO of Assembly


Neil is the CEO - and smiling face - behind Assembly. With years of experience driving growth for Redbrick, the second fastest-growing software company in Canada, Neil is focused on merging two things he loves: authentic content and performance. He is committed to streamlining the process of managing complex influencer campaigns, so marketers can identify opportunities to scale ROI.

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